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Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012

Practice News

Webinar to clarify rules for coordination of benefits

Learn how to ensure timely payment of claims when multiple insurers are involved by participating in an AMA webinar Oct. 23. Register today.

Part of a series on managed care contracting, this webinar will discuss strategies physicians have found effective in dealing with complications surrounding coordination of benefits. For instance, what should a physician do if two payers do not agree on which one is the primary insurer? While the dispute is being resolved, time limitations for filing claims can expire and leave the physician with a claim the insurer refuses to pay.

An experienced health law attorney will discuss common scenarios such as this one and explain some of the rules that help protect physicians from such coordination of benefits difficulties.

Visit the AMA Practice Management Center to access resources that can help physicians negotiate fair contracts and navigate relationships with health insurers.

Considering a cash practice? What you should know

A resource from the AMA outlines cash practice options and explains what is involved in transitioning to a new model.

Along with descriptions of five different cash practice models, the resource offers guidance on how adopting one of these models can impact the physician's existing patients, colleagues and practice operations. The resource also outlines important steps for making a smooth transition.

Cash practice models hold the possibility of reduced administrative overhead, fewer frustrations with insurers and more time with patients. But physicians need to carefully evaluate such a decision and understand how to tackle a transition.

Read a recent column in American Medical News to learn more about fee and contracting considerations.

Additional resources to help physicians manage their cash practices are available from the AMA Practice Management Center.