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Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012

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Training module gives guidance on preventive care coding, documenting

Training module gives guidance on preventive care coding, documenting

Physicians now have additional assistance to ensure their patients receive the preventive care they need to lead healthy lives.

A new online training module from the AMA offers guidance on coding and documenting the preventive services health plans must cover without cost-sharing for the patient, as required under the Affordable Care Act.

A companion to the AMA's pocket guide for preventive services, the module explains how to identify services that are recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, describes when to use CPT® modifier 33 in conjunction with preventive care, and provides examples of clinical scenarios and codes.

The module takes just 10–15 minutes to complete and offers valuable knowledge for physicians and their practice staff.

Making sure patients receive recommended preventive services, including vaccines and screenings, can lead to numerous benefits for individual patients and the health care system as a whole. As chronic diseases and other health conditions related to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors continue to rise, preventive services can help reduce the burden of preventable disease, decrease health care costs and help patients lead healthier lives.

Additional resources to help patients make healthy lifestyle choices regarding physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco and alcohol use are available through the AMA's Healthier Life Steps® program.