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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Practice News

Boost patient satisfaction and your bottom line

Open-access scheduling has helped many physician practices enhance patient satisfaction and increase their bottom line. A new AMA resource (AMA member login required) helps physicians evaluate the benefits and challenges associated with this type of scheduling system.

For those who are interested in implementing an open-access scheduling system, the resource also outlines the steps for getting started.

AMA members can access additional resources to help increase patient satisfaction, including suggestions for making a practice more patient friendly, ways to strengthen communication and how to identify prospective front-office staff who can convey the practice's commitment to helping patients.

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How to oversee practice staff's appearance—legally

Creating a practice policy about staff appearance can ensure that employees maintain a welcoming, professional environment for patients, according to the latest practice management column in American Medical News.

Establishing rules about employees' physiques can present legal challenges. The column discusses how outlining a practice's policy on visible piercings and tattoos, attire and hygiene can help align employees' appearance with the overall goals of the practice.

The column examines a number of issues physicians should consider when establishing such a policy, including exceptions for religious requirements and health needs, the impact on current employees and the kind of environment that the practice's patient population expects.