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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

News for Senior and Retired Physicians

AMA-SPG Governing Council welcomes new officers

AMA-SPG Governing Council welcomes new officers

Claire V. Wolfe, MD (left), and Richert "Rich" E. Quinn Jr., MD, are the new chair and chair-elect, respectively, of the 2012–2013 AMA Senior Physicians Group (SPG) Governing Council.

Dr. Wolfe is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist who practices part time in Columbus, Ohio, and holds an academic appointment as a clinical assistant professor at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. She served for six years, including as chair and vice chair, on the AMA Women in Medicine Advisory Council, which eventually became the AMA Women Physicians Congress.

Dr. Quinn is a retired general surgeon from Greeley, Colo. He will serve as president of the Organization of State Medical Association Presidents for 2012–2013, and he served on the AMA Council on Constitution and Bylaws for eight years.

In addition, Barbara A. Hummel, MD, of Muskego, Wis., and Paul H. Wick, MD, of Tyler, Texas, have been appointed to the seven-physician governing council.

Visit the AMA-SPG Web page for more information about the group and its initiatives.

Eating disorders an increasing problem for older women

A new study has found that 62 percent of women age 50 or older say their weight or shape negatively affects their life, while 13.3 percent of women 50 or older exhibit eating disorder symptoms.

American Medical News examines the study, which appeared in the International Journal of Eating Disorders. American Medical News reports that increasing physician knowledge through journal articles, medical conventions, and continuing medical education can better prepare physicians to identify patients of all ages with possible eating disorders and ask right questions.