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Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2012

Special Feature

AMA online resource center offers variety of assistance for employed physicians

AMA online resource center offers variety of assistance for employed physicians

For the increasing number of employed physicians, the terms of their employment agreements are a key determinant of their professional satisfaction. Fortunately, physicians don't have to settle for the initial agreement terms—they can negotiate before accepting the job.

A new online resource center from the AMA features empowering contracting resources for both seasoned physicians and those just completing training. Two model employment agreements—one covers hospital contracts and another covers group practice contracts—provide insights from legal experts, including in-depth discussion of compensation, definitions of terms and alternative contract language to use in negotiations.

The resource center also features a variety of other resources for employed physicians and those considering employment, including webcasts on employment-related topics and guidelines for managing professional relations.

In addition, AMA members can request personal assistance on matters pertaining to their employment and other professional relationships. The AMA cannot provide legal opinions or representation but is dedicated to answering questions and providing advice on such topics as contracting, credentialing, peer review, due process and medical staff governance.

As the trend toward employment continues to grow, the AMA aims to help physicians in all practice environments navigate the transformation in delivery and payment models while enhancing professional satisfaction and practice sustainability. Learn more about the AMA's strategic direction.

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