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Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012

For Minority Physicians

New kit supports physicians' efforts to end disparities in care

New kit supports physicians efforts to end disparities in care

Physicians and their office staff have a new AMA resource that can help them take steps in eliminating health care disparities.

The "Working Together to End Racial and Ethnic Disparities: One Physician at a Time Kit" features an enlightening video and supplemental training material that can be used to improve awareness and skills in addressing the inequities in care that racial and ethnic minority patients receive. The kit is available through the AMA Bookstore.

Email the AMA Minority Affairs Section if you have a project or idea that could help prevent health disparities or raise awareness about this health care issue.

Interview initiative captures minority physicians' inspiration

Did you know that only about 9 percent of all U.S. physicians are African-American, Hispanic, American Indian, Native Hawaiian or Alaskan Native? Meantime, almost 30 percent of the patient population are from these racial and ethnic groups.

Trends such as this demonstrate the need to increase the amount of underrepresented minorities in the field of medicine. The AMA has attempted to analyze these trends through its Physician Interview Project, an effort to learn from minority physicians what helped guide them in their career paths. The initiative aims to ascertain specific determinants that have proven successful in helping minority students pursue medicine as a career.

View an edited video of interviews with several minority physicians to see how these doctors are making a difference. You can also view the entire interview of each participating physician on the Physician Interview Project Web page.