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Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012

Practice News

Guide helps doctors make sense of profiling reports

A guide developed by the AMA removes the mystery from complex insurer-provided profile reports, helping physicians verify the reports' accuracy and use the information to make practice improvements.

The AMA's "Take Charge of Your Data" guide offers practical instructions to simplify the process of reviewing these profile reports and aids physicians in applying their data to enhance the quality of care. Using a standardized report with fictional patient data, the guide explains the features of a typical report and how to review data and performance results.

Just last month, the AMA released its "Guidelines for Reporting Physician Data," which are aimed at standardizing the format of profiling reports across insurers, increasing transparency in the reporting process and providing a greater level of detail. More than 60 organizations have supported the guidelines, including Cigna, Midwest Business Group on Health and UnitedHealth Group.

Because data on profiling reports now drives public reporting, pay-for-performance, and tiered and narrow-network programs, it is increasingly important that physicians are able to ensure the accuracy of these reports.

Visit the AMA's online Practice Management Center to learn more.

New opportunities can increase practice efficiency

A newly archived workshop discusses how physicians can take advantage of new workflows and electronic transactions to enhance performance and profitability in their practices.

Hosted by the AMA, the Medical Group Management Association and the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), this daylong workshop held in Fairfax, Va., featured sessions on such timely topics as automating the claims revenue cycle, improving efficiency through practice management software and getting started with e-billing. Industry experts also explained how recent regulatory changes can benefit the physician practice.

View the recording on the WEDI website at your convenience. Simply enter your name and email address to get started.