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More about the Physicians' Guide

The newest edition of Medicare RBRVS: The Physicians’ Guide reflects a more detailed discussion of Medicare's payment policies, as well as:

  • Relative values for the new and revised codes.
  • New CPT® payment information.
  • New resource-based Practice Expense relative values.

To assist users in obtaining answers to their questions as quickly as possible, The Physicians' Guide is organized in five parts:

Part 1 introduces the RBRVS payment system. It provides a history and overview of the enabling legislation, explaining the efforts of the government and the medical profession that led to adoption of the RBRVS payment system and introducing its key components.

Part 2 describes these key components, explaining in detail the resource-based relative value scale, geographic adjustments, conversion factor, and limits on physicians' charges.

Part 3 explains the operation of the payment system, including calculation of payments.

Part 4 focuses on how the RBRVS payment system may affect physicians' practices.

Part 5 presents all the elements that are necessary to calculate the Medicare payment schedule relative value units and payment policy indicators for each physician's service and geographic practice cost indexes (GPCIs) for each Medicare payment locality.

The Physicians’ Guide is a must-have for every office!

To obtain a copy of this publication, please call the AMA's order department at (800) 621-8335 or order online.

Order Number: OP059615