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ICD-10 Diagnosis Code Set

Now that ICD-10 is in effect, the AMA continues to focus on monitoring the transition and mitigating disruptions in claims processing, physicians' workflow and patients' access to care. This includes outlining continued issues with ICD-10 implementation, guidance for reporting issues, claims flexibilities, AMA correspondence with CMS and other agencies, continued issues with coverage determinations and AMA ICD-10-related products.

  • If the payer is Medicare, check your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) website for information on problems they are addressing and for a method of contact for ICD-10 issues.
  • If the payer is Medicaid, check the state Medicaid website for information and method of contact.
  • If the payer is a commercial payer, check their website for information and method of contact.
  • If you are having issues with your practice management system or electronic health record (EHR), contact your vendor.
  • If you are having issues with your billing vendor or clearinghouse, contact them.
  • For advice on handling problems and to find out if other practices are experiencing similar issues, contact your state or specialty medical society.

CMS/AMA Guidance for ICD-10 Flexibility

Three months before the Oct. 1, 2015 deadline, CMS and the AMA announced efforts to continue to help physicians prepare for ICD-10. Read about CMS's response to AMA concerns, as well as CMS's Clarifying Questions and Answers document

ICD-10 Educational Resources and Implementation Tools

These educational resources and implementation planning tools will increase your understanding of ICD-10 and help you prepare for its transition.

Medicare Payment

Medicare continues to update the National Coverage Determinations (NCD) and Local Coverage Determinations (LCD). CMS's MLN Matters number MM8691 provides information on recent changes to 29 NCDs, and MLN Matters number MM9807 provides information on ICD-10 conversion, coding infrastructure revisions and ICD-9 updates to NCDs.

A list of LCDs converted to ICD-10 is available on the LCDs by Contractor Index.

  • Use the scroll box on the index to select your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)
  • Use the "Submit" button to view a list of states that the specified MAC services.
  • Select your MAC name from the table to view the future translated LCDs.

AMA Advocacy

The AMA has long advocated for physicians by voicing concerns with the code set to powerful stakeholders and policymakers.Read the most recent advocacy letters, calls, responses and testimonies

AMA ICD-10 Products

The AMA Store offers training materials and other resources to help you understand and implement the new codes. Choose from among the following or view all of our ICD-10 offerings::