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Review Revisions to CPT Intro Text and CatI-CatIII Code Criteria

The CPT Editorial Panel requests that the community of stakeholders in the CPT process review and comment on proposed revisions to the existing introductory text in the CPT code book that defines the CPT codes set and its use, the means for requesting updates to the code set, and the criteria used by the Panel in evaluation of requests for updates to the code set.

The CPT Code Criteria, as approved by the CPT Editorial Panel, were first introduced in the fourth publication of the CPT Assistant in Fall 1991. Over the years, and with further addition of the Category III codes, these criteria were refined to the criteria that currently appear on the CPT web site. To review the current Category I/Category III code criteria, please see the following link to the CPT web site: http://www.ama-assn.org/go/cpt-application

In April 2012, industry representatives and advisors were asked to provide comments on proposed revisions by AMA staff and the CPT Editorial Panel of the CPT codebook introductory text and Category I/Category III code criteria. Further comments were taken at the May 2012 Editorial Panel meeting.  The result of review of the comments is the draft provided here for review.  Extensive consideration was given to all of the submitted comments, with a number of the proposed comments added to the text. For this round of review two copies are provided – the redline version and a clean draft version of the proposed revisions. Your comments are requested on the clean draft to provide the CPT Editorial Panel with the best input prior to finalizing the CPT codebook introductory text and the Category I/Category III code criteria at the October Editorial Panel meeting.

Comments on the draft version should be limited to recommendations to revise specific statements included here for review. Only comments received by September 7 will be included in the Editorial Panel agenda materials.