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Review of Proposed Modifications to Lobbying Statement and FAQ

The CPT Editorial Panel requests that the community of stakeholders in the CPT process review and comment on proposed revisions to the existing Lobbying Policy and CPT Application FAQ that addresses appropriate communication between applicants and CPT Advisor and Editorial Panel reviewers of applications. In April 2009, the CPT Editorial Panel approved the addition of a proposed lobbying policy to the CPT public web site. As one of the initial tasks for the CPT Process Improvement project, this policy was intended to define lobbying and the means for appropriate communication with medical specialties, CPT Advisors, and the CPT Editorial Panel. The policy was published to the CPT web site in April 2009. Also published at that time was a series of CPT Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to address common applicant questions on the CPT Process.

In continuing our improvement of transparency of the CPT process, AMA staff and the Panel Chair and Vice-Chair conducted a review of the CPT Lobbying Policy and related CPT Application FAQ. Several revisions are proposed in order to clarify the instructions and definitions within these documents.  Your review and comments are requested on the draft version to provide the CPT Editorial Panel with the best input prior to finalizing the policy at the October Editorial Panel meeting.

The links provided above may be used to access the current Statement on Lobbying policy and CPT FAQ’s. 

The review form for the Proposed Changes to the Statement on Lobbying and the Application FAQ shows the draft versions of both documents with no editorial markup.  Links to the red-lined versions of the Proposed Changes to the Statement on Lobbying and the Application FAQ are included in this review form.

Comments on the draft version should be limited to recommendations to revise specific statements included here for review. Only comments received prior to September 7th will be included in the Editorial Panel agenda materials.