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Promotional Material Guidelines for Licensed Products

Use of AMA name in marketing material

  • All marketing and promotional materials that refer to the name, initials or logo of the American Medical Association (AMA) require the prior written approval of the AMA. Please submit marketing materials for our review as soon as practical.
  • Statements that products are approved by the AMA or that imply AMA endorsement are not permitted.

Use of CPT® name in marketing material

  • The symbol “®” should appear following the first appearance of “CPT” in each separate promotional piece or in the case of longer pieces, such as a catalog, at intervals throughout the document.
  • The words “CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association” should appear on the page where CPT is first used.
  • “CPT” should be used as an adjective and not a noun. Words such as “code”, “book” or “descriptions” should appear following “CPT” in the promotional material. For example, say “The CPT book provides…”, not “CPT provides…”