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Distribution Licenses

  • Nonexclusive right to use CPT material in content-added products (that is, where CPT is combined with other information). Reprinting of CPT material alone is not permitted.
  • Reports and payments are made semi-annually.
  • The royalty for the use for CPT material in an electronic or Internet product is $15.50 per user per product. Depending on the terms of the License Agreement, royalties are due either quarterly or semi-annually in arrears. Print publication royalty is $15.50 per distributed copy. No minimums or upfront fees are required. You will, however, need to purchase the CPT data file separately.
  • Distribution may be in print, electronic media, or over the Internet. Internet distribution requires use of certain security features.
  • International rights are available.
Distribution License Agreement - Royalty Report Format - Form

Internal Use Licenses

  • 11 or more users (CD product) or 11 or more users (file download) at a single location, for internal use only, not for redistribution.
  • Royalty is $80 per legal entity plus $15.50 per user.
  • Licenses for internal use by 10 or fewer users can be obtained through the AMA Store or by calling (800) 621-8335 to purchase the CD-ROM data file.
  • Licenses for internal use by up to 10 users can be obtained as immediate download of electronic CPT data file through the AMA Store.

End User Definition

CPT data files are licensed on an individual (as opposed to concurrent) user basis.

We consider an individual a CPT user if he or she directly accesses CPT data in a product or, in the case where CPT is embedded in a product and not directly accessible, relies on embedded CPT data to perform his or her intended function with the product or its output.  Anyone who can't do a part of their job if AMA data disappears from a system or process is a user.