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ICD-9-CM 2009 Product Updates and Errata

Thank you for purchasing your 2009 ICD-9-CM coding products from the AMA.  This Web page provides the post-publication updates for the ICD-9-CM products.  Please bookmark this page and use it as a resource for the latest information.

Question?  Call our customer service center at (800) 621-8335.  AMA members call (800) 262-3211.  Please have your membership number ready for faster service.

At the time of printing, the ICD-9-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting, Effective October 1, 2008 were not available.

The most current version of the ICD-9-CM Official Coding Guidelines, which includes coding guidance for the 2009 codes, are now available:

Full size ICD-9-CM Physician volumes 1 and 2 and Hospital volumes 1, 2 and 3 (PDF 388KB)

Compact Physician ICD-9-CM volumes 1 and 2 and Hospital volumes 1, 2 and 3 (PDF 399KB).

An ICD-9-CM Official Coding Guidelines Summary of Changes (PDF 357KB) is also available.


Principles of ICD-9-CM
The fourth edition of Principles of ICD-9-CM has several errors within the Checkpoint Exercises and the Test Your Knowledge section of Chapter 9.  This errata (PDF 11KB) corrects these errors.

ICD-9-CM 2009 Volume 1 Data Files Errata (PDF 36KB)

ICD-9-CM 2009 Physician volumes 1 and 2, compact edition
This edition has one error.  Please find the erratum page (PDF 92.5KB) for code number 305.1, listed on page 98 of the Tabular section.  This erratum only applies to volumes 1 and 2 and does not apply to the same code in the compact or full size volumes 1 through 3 (which is listed correctly).

ICD-9-CM 2009 Physician volumes 1 and 2, full size edition
This section has seven errors.  Click on 1-5 to access each individual erratum page.

1. Code 339.3: delete check fifth-digit symbol; this is a valid four-digit code (PDF 468KB)

2. Category 535: correct fifth-digit box (PDF 452 KB):
'0' without mention of hemorrhage
'1' with mention of hemorrhage

3. Code 581.8: delete check fourth-digit symbol; add check fifth-digit symbol (PDF 451KB)

4. Code 596: add check fourth-digit symbol (PDF 378KB)

5. Code V87.2: delete check fifth-digit symbol; this is a valid four-digit code (PDF 465KB)

1. Headache 784.0 (PDF 752KB)
tension 307.10
chronic 339.12
episodic 339.11

2. Vaccinia (generalized) 999.0 (PDF 371KB)
not from vaccination 051.02
eyelid 051.02
sine vaccinatione 051.02
without vaccination 051.02 

ICD-9-CM 2008 Volume 1 Data Files
Please note the following errors in the CED-ROM and download:

Error: Code 775.8 is a complete code
Correction: Code 775.8 requires a fifth digit

Error: Code 585.3 long descriptor error, Chronic kidney disease stage II moderate)
Correction: Chronic kidney disease stage III (moderate)

ICD-9-CM 2008 Updates
2008 ICD-9-CM physician version missing page alert (PDF 219KB)
Due to printer error some copies fo the 2008 physician full-sized boook is missing page 271-272.     

AMA ICD-9-CM 2008 Data Files Errata (PDF 20KB)

ICD-9-CM 2007 Updates
Product update information for 2007 hospital ICD-9-CM Volumes 1, 2 and 3

A printer error has been detected.  A duplication of page 34 of the Coding Guidelines also appears in the Alphabetic Index to Disease on page 34.  Here is the correct page for the Alphabetic Index (PDF 89KB)

Product update information for 2007 Ingenix Hospital ICD-9-CM Volumes 1 & 2 Compact: Here is the replacement page 34 of Alphabetic Index. (PDF 89KB)

Volume 1 and 2 (Diagnoses)

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