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Errata and Technical Corrections

The Errata and Technical Corrections links listed below include corrections and other information related to the CPT® Code Books published by the American Medical Association. To bring yourself up-to-date on corrections to your CPT books check this site periodically for updates.

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

Errata and Technical Corrections in CPT® 2014
Revised July 1, 2014

Errata and Technical Corrections in CPT® 2013
Revised Nov. 26, 2013

Corrections in CPT® 2012
Revised Aug. 21, 2012

ACC Coding Guide Corrections
Revised March 31, 2011

Editorial corrections in CPT® 2010

CPT® 2013 Changes: An Insider's View
Revised Jan. 16, 2013

CPT® 2012 Changes: An Insider's View
Revised Aug. 21, 2012

CPT® 2011 Changes: An Insider's View

Coding with Modifiers, 3rd Edition Errata
There is an error in Chapter 10 on page 381. The second sentence under Genetic Modifiers heading gives the code range 83890-83193. The correct code range should be 83890-83913.

Principles of ICD-9-CM Fourth Edition Errata

CPT Assistant - November 2010 Errata