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CPT® Category I Vaccine Codes

The "early release" of the Category I vaccine product codes prior to publication of CPT® 2006 was approved by the CPT Editorial Panel. In recognition of the public health interest in vaccine products, the Panel has agreed that new vaccine product codes should be published prior to FDA approval. These codes are indicated with the ( CPT lightening bolt ) symbol and will be tracked by the AMA to monitor FDA approval status. Once the FDA status changes to approval, the ( CPT lightening bolt ) symbol will be removed. The new vaccine product code(s) will be available through a bi-annual electronic release in January and July in a given CPT cycle to facilitate immunization reporting.

To facilitate immunization reporting, when applicable, the most recent new or revised vaccine product codes, resulting from recent Panel actions, will be published to the American Medical Association CPT Web site on July 1st and January 1st in a given CPT cycle. These dates correspond with CPT Editorial Panel meetings for each CPT cycle (June, October and February).

The full set of vaccine codes will be included in the next published edition for that CPT cycle. For example, if a vaccine product code was approved at the October Panel meeting, the vaccine product code would then be released for "electronic" publication the following January 1, as opposed to waiting until the next CPT publication release approximately 12 months later. All new vaccine product codes would also be included in the next published edition for that CPT cycle.

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

No new codes were approved for January 1, 2014 release.  The next release date will be July 1, 2014, and codes, if approved, will be posted here at this time.