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AT&T Healthcare Community Online Physician Portal

The goal behind driving greater adoption and use of healthcare information technology is to create a system of care that is more efficient, higher quality, safer for patients — and delivered at less cost. Vetting and implementing health IT is challenging. Yet the benefits you reap can help your practice focus on what is most important: patient care. By choosing and implementing the right health IT solutions, your practice can improve operational efficiencies, reduce paper workflows, increase patient and provider satisfaction, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

In April 2012, AT&T and the American Medical Association formed a strategic alliance that can enable thousands of physicians, physician organizations and medical societies nationwide to connect and collaborate with hospitals, payers and patients to help enhance patient care and reduce costs.

The AT&T Healthcare Community Online Physician Portal can provide physicians with comprehensive health IT tools and solutions designed to help them stay up-to-date with changing professional needs.  With the portal, physicians will have more tools at their fingertips to modernize the management of their practices.  The AT&T Healthcare Community Online Physician Portal will enable highly-secure, virtually anywhere, anytime access to advanced applications, aggregated clinical information and data analytics that enable the coordination and management of patient care and population health. 

The AT&T Healthcare Community Online Physician Portal will:

  • Provide access to patient care and clinical integration solutions that help bring evidence-based information to the point of care
  • Enable access to important applications such as clinical decision support, ePrescribing, care management and electronic health records
  • Improve workflow efficiency and streamline processes associated with physician orders and referrals, lab orders and results, medications and discharge planning
  • Help physicians to take further advantage of meaningful use incentives

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"Enabling the Success of Accountable Care Organizations with a Health IT Infrastructure," an AT&T white paper on ACOs.


Dr. Wah discusses AMA's strategic alliance with AT&T to expand AMAGINE physician portal.

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