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Patient Preventive Care Services Brochure

Help your Medicare patients prepare for their next visit

Team Up to Stay Healthy brochure

The "Team Up to Stay Healthy" brochure has helped your patients understand and take advantage of their options covered by Medicare. The new colorectal insert, "Early Detection Saves Lives" is now available to provide people with Medicare information on eligibility requirements to clarify several different tests that screen for colorectal cancer. Produced by the American Medical Association and AARP in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this free brochure and insert are available in Spanish and English.  Order free brochure and insert.

  • Explains the types of physician visits covered by Medicare in clear, simple language
  • Helps patients adequately prepare for their physician visits (i.e., what to ask, what to bring, what to expect, etc.)
  • Gives patients a brief overview of common preventive screenings
  • Offers patients access to additional information and helpful resources about their covered services

When you clearly communicate with your patients about preventive services, you not only participate with your patients in making more informed health care decisions, you also help them avoid misunderstandings about coverage and charges. This brochure and insert are designed to help you and your patients make the most of their preventive care visits.

Download brochure and insert

"Team Up to Stay Healthy" brochure (Spanish version)

"Early Detection Saves Lives" brochure (Spanish version)

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Help your Medicare patients stay informed and stay well

Additional Resources

The AMA offers additional resources aimed at helping physicians and their team members implement preventive services into their practice.

A Dose of Reality: Providing Medicare Services as Recommended by the Affordable Care Act
This archived webinar identifies guidelines for Medicare preventive medicine coding and addresses frequently asked questions about integrating the annual wellness visit into practice.

Medicare preventive services: A new benefit for patients and physicians
This brochure outlines preventive care recommendations and how they are covered by the new Medicare benefit. The brochure lists all Medicare preventive services with cost-sharing waived, plus the related CPT® code.

CPT® Code Pocket Guide: Preventive services with cost-sharing waived
This guide highlights optimal vaccine and preventive services in specific age categories for which coinsurance/deductibles are waived according to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).