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General Resources for Health Care Professionals

Preparedness, education and discussion are critical elements of maintaining public health. The AMA has collected a number of resources, including reports, primers, legal contacts, physician education materials and policy roadmaps to help you confront, weigh and manage large-scale events and trends in health care.

Public health issues are often social justice issues. The AMA seeks to educate and connect those who are working to eliminate health care disparities along racial, ethnic and economic lines by tackling challenges such as obesity, vaccines and immunization, cultural literacy and substance abuse through its Educating Physicians on Controversies and Challenges in Health series. Learn more through numerous reports on a wide range of topics by the AMA Council on Science and Public Health.

Disaster preparedness and emergency planning are critical to effective response to catastrophe. Resources covering events such as hurricanes, terrorist attacks and influenza epidemics and pandemics, and AMA Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, the first comprehensive and authoritative journal emphasizing public health preparedness and disaster response for all health care and public health professionals worldwide.