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Join the NQRN

The NQRN® offers the following participation levels:

Join the NQRN Council

Who may join

  • Societies or other non-profit organizations operating clinical registries or in the planning phases
  • Organizations using registry data including health plans
  • Representatives of federal government agencies
  • Quality improvement organizations and standards bodies

What this provides

  • Participate in quarterly Council calls with the NQRN Steering Committee. Understand current activities of the NQRN, provide feedback, learn about opportunities to participate on committees and develop work product.
  • Participate on committees and workgroups planning NQRN activities and building work product to support the registry industry

Time commitment

  • Active participation on quarterly Council call
  • Active participation in committees and workgroups

The application process for Council participation is brief and involves:

  • Ensuring organizational fit in NQRN
  • Identifying a primary Council representative
  • Providing contact information

There is currently no cost to join.

To ask about joining the NQRN Council, please contact:

Seth Blumenthal
American Medical Association
330 N. Wabash Avenue, Suite 39300
Chicago, Ill. 60611

(312) 464-4049

Join the PCPI/NQRN distribution list

What this provides

  • Receive periodic PCPI Announcement emails with information about events and new resources at www.nqrn.org
  • Learn about opportunities to:
    • Participate in NQRN Leading Practices Webinars
    • Attend in-person meetings hosted by the NQRN

Join the PCPI distribution list.