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Measures Development Methodology and Oversight (MDMO)

The MDMO Charge

Advisory Committees shall be advisory to the Executive Committee and shall report to the Executive Committee on the matters identified below and on other issues as requested by the Executive Committee.

The MDMO Advisory Committee shall report, as requested, to the Executive Committee on the consistent and appropriate application of the AMA-convened Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement® (PCPI®) methodology for measures development and maintenance in work groups; identification and development of new methodologies for expanded types of measures, as necessary; and issues related to attribution of measures.

Advisory Committees shall consist of no more than 15 seats each, including the chair. The Executive Committee shall appoint the chair and all members of Advisory Committees.

All members of Advisory Committees shall be subject to an annual review by the Executive Committee. All members of Advisory Committees need not be PCPI members, but a majority of the members of each Advisory Committee shall be the Representative or alternate Representative, members or other designees of full voting members.

MDMO Membership (2010-2013)

Carl Sirio, MD (Chair)

Gail M. Amundson, MD

Delvin Scott Endsley, MD, MSC

Tim Ferris, MD, MPH

Gerri Lamb, PhD, RN

Joseph Messer, MD

Heather Palmer, MB, BCh, SM

Greg Pawlson, MD, MPH (NCQA liaison)

Joachim Roski, PhD, MPH

Ramesh Sachdeva, MD

Dana Gelb Safran, ScD

John F. Schneider, MD, PhD

Thomas E. Sibert, MD, MBA

Janet N. Sullivan, MD

David Swee, MD

Alan Tice, MD

The following position papers have been developed by the MDMO:

Projects Underway

The MDMO has selected several topics to focus on in 2011, including developing frameworks for measures of outcome (completed Sept. 23, 2011), patients with multiple chronic conditions, and use of patient-reported outcome measures, including a validated tool or instrument.

Terms and Elections

Current terms for the MDMO membership and chair will expire in October of 2012. A call for nominations will go out to the full PCPI membership and will include a nomination form. You may nominate yourself or someone else for a position on the PCPI advisory committees.

MDMO Staff Contacts

Beth Tapper, MA
Senior Policy Analyst II, Performance Improvement
American Medical Association—PCPI

Greg Wozniak, PhD
Director of Measure Analytics and Economic Evaluation, Performance Improvement
American Medical Association—PCPI