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Save the Date!

PCPI Conference
April 14-15, 2016


Get to know the new PCPI
The PCPI® is inviting organizations from across the health care system to join our effort to improve the quality, safety and value of care delivered to patients in the United States. We are expanding our membership to focus on the value of health care and the role of all stakeholders in the health care delivery system. In addition to physicians and health care professional organizations, PCPI will now include patients, health systems, hospitals, clinics, accrediting and licensing entities, employers, health plans, health information technology vendors, pharmacies, government agencies and quality improvement organizations in its membership. The AMA has stepped forward as a principle founding member of the PCPI.
PCPI programs
PCPI membership programs will continue in measurement science, quality improvement and through the National Quality Registry Network (NQRN®). Together these programs help advance the study of performance measurement, fuel collaboration on performance improvement projects and increase access to relevant registry data. The PCPI is now a 501(c)(3) foundation and is operating as a stand-alone not-for-profit organization.