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Expert Advisory Panel

The Expert Advisory Panel on Privacy met throughout 1998-1999 to review existing policies and practices to protect health care informational privacy and to make recommendations to the Ethical Force Oversight Body on potential areas of consensus. Members of the Expert Advisory Panel were not, however, required to endorse the final consensus report. Therefore, neither their own, nor their organizations', endorsement of the Ethical Force recommendations should be inferred by an individual's participation as an expert adviser to the Ethical Force Oversight Body.

Members of the Expert Advisory Panel on Privacy

Frank Riddick, MD (Chair)
Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation

Sheri Alpert, PhD, MPA
University of Notre Dame

Linda L. Emanuel, MD, PhD
Northwestern University

Ellen Clayton, MD
Vanderbilt University

Paul Clayton, PhD
InterMountain Health Care

Steve Coughlin, PhD, MPH
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Deborah Cummins, PhD
American Medical Association

George Duncan, PhD
Carnegie Mellon University

Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD
National Institutes of Health

Robert Gellman, JD
Privacy and Information Policy Consultant

Denise Nagel, MD
National Coalition for Patient Rights

Paul Schyve, MD
Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations

Linda Shelton
National Committee for Quality Assurance

Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH
American Medical Association