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About Our Book

"Ensuring Fairness in Health Care Coverage: An Employer's Guide to Making Good Decisions on Tough Issues" by Matthew K. Wynia and Abraham P. Schwab (October 30, 2006)

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Based on the work of the Ethical Force Program®, "Ensuring Fairness in Health Care Coverage" helps employers make difficult decision about the fairness - and perceived fairness - of the health benefits they provide to employees.

This groundbreaking book tackles complex questions such as: whether employees with higher salaries should pay more for the same coverage than those earning less; whether it's fair to charge employees who smoke or are overweight more for their health insurance plans; whether employees should pay for domestic partner benefits; whether they should pay less for mental health care than for physical ailments; and more.

Readers will find real-life scenarios, along with concrete steps for handling what are often tough and sensitive issues. They will also discover a proactive approach to safeguard against employee resentment, legal appeals, and adverse publicity.