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Ethics Group Internship Program

The Ethics Group recruits undergraduate and graduate student interns to work at the AMA Headquarters in Chicago on an ongoing basis for summer, fall, and winter/spring semesters. Internships are unpaid but participants will receive course credit for their work in accordance with the requirements of their academic program. Past interns have typically been law students, medical students, and undergraduates with an interest in bioethics, philosophy, religion, biology, or other life sciences.

Interns provide support for ongoing projects and initiatives in the Ethics Group. Interns are asked to conduct research on a wide variety of medical ethics issues which contribute to the formation of AMA ethics policy and other research projects related to the Code of Medical Ethics. Work may include researching legal, medical, or ethics literature and other resources; organizing and summarizing research material; and handling telephone inquiries or written correspondence. Interns also have the opportunity to attend faculty seminars and interact with a diverse range of professionals working in bioethics at a professional medical association. Past interns have obtained positions in private health law firms, health care consulting firms, and health related graduate programs.

Program specifications require candidates be enrolled in academic course work, receiving academic credit, at the time they serve as an intern.

To apply, candidates should submit the following items to Thomas Wagner: a resume; a cover letter; and a short writing sample illustrative of ethics or health-related work or a 500-word explanation of your interest in bioethics and your desire to work at the American Medical Association.

Applicants will be contacted only if they are qualified for an interview.

Deadlines and term dates:

Fall Internship

  • Applications Due: Early July
  • Term Dates: Early September thru mid December

Winter/Spring Internship

  • Applications Due: Early November
  • Term Dates: Mid January thru late April

Summer Internship

  • Applications Due: Late February
  • Term Dates: Early May thru mid August

Winter/Spring 2014-15 Interns

Kieran Holzhauer is a medical student at University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago. She received her BA in Anthropology at Washington University in Saint Louis. Kieran plans to practice primary care while incorporating medical anthropology research. She hopes to use this opportunity to learn more about how the AMA’s ethics team shapes medical culture and to delve further into the ethics of cultural competence.

Summer 2014 Interns

Caroline Bass is a philosophy and political science major at Case Western Reserve University where she is a student assistant at the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence. In the summer of 2013, she attended the Yale Summer Institute in Bioethics. During her time at Yale, her research focused on the ethics of physician participation in reality television. After graduation, Caroline hopes to attend law school and work in the field of bioethics. She hopes that her summer with the AMA will sharpen her critical thinking abilities and problem solving skills to navigate dilemmas in medical ethics.

Joe Gregorio is a law student at DePaul University College of Law. He received his BS in Psychology at Western Illinois University. Joe is from the western suburbs of Chicago and plans on pursuing a career in Health Law. As a DePaul College of Law Summer Scholar, his primary research focus this summer is on the Code of Medical Ethics. Joe hopes to use this opportunity to research and analyze difficult ethical questions regarding patient care, while discovering the legal ramifications and consequences related to these philosophical issues.