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Opinion 9.011 - Continuing Medical Education

Physicians should strive to further their medical education throughout their careers, to ensure that they serve patients to the best of their abilities and live up to professional standards of excellence.

Participating in certified continuing medical education (CME) activities is critical to fulfilling this professional commitment to lifelong learning. As attendees of CME activities, physicians should:

(a) Select activities that are of high quality and are appropriate for the physician’s educational needs.

(b) Choose activities that are carried out in keeping with ethical guidelines and applicable professional standards.

(c) Claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of participation in the CME activity.

(d) Decline any subsidy offered by a commercial entity other than the physician’s employer to compensate the physician for time spent or expenses of participating in a CME activity.
(I, V)

Issued December 1993. Updated June 1996. Updated June 2013 based on the report "Amendment to E-9.011, 'Continuing Medical Education,'" adopted November 2012.