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Background reports on the history of African Americans and organized medicine

The following supplemental reports were commissioned by the Writing Group to provide additional information and direct quotations from primary source materials on specific aspects of the history of African American physicians and organized medicine.

A. AMA annual meeting attendance roster (civil war era), 1860-1868

B. Seating delegates from the Massachusetts Medical Society, 1870

C. Exclusion of the National Medical Society of DC, 1870-1872

D. Evolution of AMA membership, 1847-1981

E. Racial designations in the American medical directory, 1906-1940

F. AMA policies on racial discrimination of constituents, 1870-1968

G. The "Flexner Report" and the AMA, 1910

H. The Hill-Burton Act and the AMA, 1946

I. The Civil Rights Act and the AMA, 1964

J. The AMA and Medicare and Medicaid, 1965

K. Proposal to "amalgamate" the AMA and NMA, 1973

L. Segregation within national professional associations