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The AMA Ad Hoc Physician Persecution Advisory Group (PAG)

National and international professional standards for medicine, as enunciated by the AMA and the World Medical Association (WMA), demand that physicians seek always to protect the health and well-being of patients. From time to time, physicians face significant pressure, from the state or others, to act contrary to the well-being of their patients. In extreme cases, physicians may face outright persecution, including imprisonment, torture or even death, as a consequence of acting according to their professional obligations.

For many years, AMA staff have monitored human rights networks to identify such cases. Occasionally, the AMA has sought relief for persecuted physicians through letters and other advocacy actions, often coordinating our actions with the World Medical Association for greater effect.

To improve our knowledge of such cases and bring them to the attention of AMA and WMA leaders for coordinated action, the AMA created the Ad Hoc Physician Persecution Advisory Group (PAG), a network of interested physicians.

Our Mission:

  • identify, monitor and evaluate cases of physician persecution world-wide,
  • bring appropriate cases to the attention of AMA and/or WMA leadership for advocacy or other actions.

Read more information on the criteria used by the PAG.

The PAG will work on behalf of any physician persecuted for carrying out their professional duties. A special emphasis will be placed on the cases of physicians with connections to the US, but persecuted physicians without US connections may be referred for action to the WMA.

Do you have a case to bring to the attention of the PAG?

The ethical practice of medicine is of universal importance and the persecution of any physician is important to all. Anyone may bring the case of any physician, anywhere, to the attention of the PAG by sending an email to amainternational@ama-assn.org.