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Professionalism & Human Rights

As members of the medical profession, physicians are entrusted with promoting not only the good health of their patients but also of society as a whole. In its Declaration of Professional Responsibility, the American Medical Association asks physicians to commit to "...respect human life and the dignity of every individual; ...refrain from supporting or committing crimes against humanity and condemn all such acts; and [to.page ...advocate for social, economic, educational, and political changes that ameliorate suffering and contribute to human well-being." These responsibilities confer on physicians an active obligation to respect and advocate for the human rights of their patients and society, as a means to promoting good health.

Physician persecution anywhere is a threat to professionalism everywhere.

The AMA, working with the World Medical Association (WMA) and human rights organizations, focuses its human rights advocacy on promoting the universal ethical practice of medicine. Specifically, we seek to protect the rights of physicians to practice according to the ethical precepts of our profession, without persecution or interference from the state or others. Learn more about our ad hoc Physician Persecution Advisory Group (PAG).

More Information on Physician Professionalism, Medical Ethics, and Human Rights

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