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Race, Trust Speakers Kit

Race, Trust, and Tuskegee: Professional Ethics, Broken Trust and Health Disparities

The information presented in these slides and speaker's notes is meant as a starting point for creating a presentation on Physician Ethics, Trust, and Health Disparities. Please keep in mind that it would not be feasible to use the entire presentation in its current form, because such a talk would run over an hour. Instead, choose some of the points, data, resources, and references to create a customized presentation that meets your specific goals and needs. The resources that we have made available include: PowerPoint slides, a Word document containing speaker's notes, and a bibliography.

This information was originally presented, in part, by Dr. Matthew Wynia MD, MPH at a June 2002 meeting of the American Medical Association's Medical Student Section. The meeting was hosted by the AMA Minority Affairs Consortium. Development of the ideas contained within this presentation was done in collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Jacobs, MD in preparation for a paper on the relationship between physician professionalism, patient trust, medical ethics, and health disparities.

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