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AMA Medical Students Hold Week of Wellness April 4-10

Medical students promote healthy behaviors across the country

For immediate release:
April 4, 2011

CHICAGO Today, American Medical Association (AMA) medical students announced the start to the second annual “Week of Wellness”, focusing on the AMA Healthier Life Steps Program™

“The AMA, as the nation’s largest physician organization, understands that medical students are the future of medicine,” said AMA Immediate Past President J. James Rohack, M.D.  “It is encouraging to see that student leaders are already improving patient wellness and public health by promoting healthy behaviors in communities from coast to coast.”

During the “Week of Wellness,” AMA medical students in chapters throughout the nation will implement projects and hold events aimed at promoting the four key health behaviors targeted by the AMA Healthier Life Steps Program™: healthy diet, increasing physical activity, reducing risky alcohol consumption and quitting smoking.

A sampling of “Week of Wellness” activities includes:

  • Health Outreach Day at the University of Maryland, where medical students will provide blood pressure and vision screenings.
  • A fun run and health fair with information about the AMA Healthier Life Steps Program™ at the Pacific Northwest University (PNWU) College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Medical students will promote children’s health at the University of Arizona by educating families in an underserved community about healthy eating and fire safety.

For more information about the AMA medical student “Week of Wellness,” visit www.ama-assn.org/go/nsp. For more information about the AMA Healthier Life Steps Program™, visit www.ama-assn.org/go/healthierlifesteps.

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Shannon O’Brien
AMA Media Relations
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