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AMA Debuts Third Town Hall Video

Health-system reform videos answer patients’ questions, debunk myths

For immediate release:
Aug. 31, 2009

CHICAGO – In its ongoing efforts to provide America’s patients and physicians with the facts about health system reform, the AMA debuts its third Virtual Town Hall video today. The video series features patients across America asking questions about health reform along with answers from AMA physicians.

“With health system reform top of mind for most Americans, the AMA is proud to provide timely, accurate information for patients,” said AMA President J. James Rohack, M.D. “Physicians are first and foremost patient advocates, and we are working to fulfill our responsibility to help patients become well informed about current health-reform proposals.”

The newest Virtual Town Hall video examines questions about the affordability of reforming the current health system, increasing access to care for college students and recent graduates and enhancing emergency room services. Dr. Rohack and other AMA physicians share accurate and easy-to-understand information to help calm fears and clarify facts.

“It is so important for Americans to understand what is going on with health reform in this country right now,” said Dr. Rohack. “Not only is this a historic debate, but the outcomes will affect all of us for years to come.”


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