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AMA-Supported Federal Medical Liability Grants Move Forward

AMA to assist state medical societies with demonstration project implementation

For immediate release:
June 11, 2010

Statement attributed to:
J. James Rohack, MD
President, American Medical Association

“The AMA is pleased that federal medical liability reform demonstration projects are quickly moving forward, with $25 million in grants to state programs announced today. These grants are the result of strong AMA advocacy for physicians, as we continue to work for comprehensive medical liability reform.

“The AMA continues to support proven medical liability reforms working in California and Texas, as well as incentives, like those moving forward today, for states to pursue a wide range of alternative reforms including, health courts, administrative determination of compensation, early offers, and safe harbors for the practice of evidence-based medicine. AMA will work with the state medical societies to help implement these new programs so that we can learn which reforms help keep physicians caring for patients, while still allowing access to the court system.

“Liability reform will help doctors implement best-practices in patient care and reduce unnecessary health costs. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that medical liability reforms that include a quarter-million dollar cap on non-economic damages would reduce the federal budget deficit by about $54 billion over ten years. As our nation works to reduce the growth in health care costs, it’s clear that medical liability reform must be part of the solution.”


Katherine M. Hatwell
AMA Media Relations

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