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AMA Makes a Health Reform 'House Call' on Michigan

All Americans should have affordable, high-quality health coverage

For immediate release:
Aug. 25, 2009

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – The American Medical Association (AMA) brought its “House Call” program to Michigan today to clarify the facts on health reform and make the case that reform is needed.

“The people of Michigan know only too well that losing a job can also mean losing health insurance,” said AMA Immediate Past President Nancy Nielsen, MD. “The AMA is working for all Americans to have affordable, portable health care coverage that can’t be taken away if you get sick or lose your job.”

Dr. Nielsen is traveling to Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids this week to talk with patients and physicians about the benefits of system improvements like expanding coverage and eliminating denials based on pre-existing conditions.

The AMA’s vision for reform keeps medical decisions in the hands of patients and their physicians, without interference by insurance companies or the government.  We are working for affordable, high-quality health insurance for all through a choice of plans and promoting quality, prevention and wellness initiatives.  Physicians need repeal of a flawed Medicare physician payment system that harms seniors' access to care and relief from a broken medical liability system that adds costs due to defensive medicine.

“Dedicated physicians work day and night in a broken system to provide high-quality patient care, and we need to make the system work for them – not against them,” said Dr. Nielsen.  “It’s unfortunate that there has been so much misinformation on health reform. We’re working to set the record straight and get to common ground so we can achieve reform this year.”



Lisa Lecas
AMA Media Relations

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