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New AMA Video Answers Physicians' Health Reform Questions

For immediate release
Sept. 30, 2009

CHICAGO - As health reform legislation moves forward in Congress, a new American Medical Association (AMA) online video aims to answer physicians' questions on leading elements of health reform important to patients and physicians.

"The new video aims to reach a wide audience of physicians by answering key questions about health reform," said AMA President J. James Rohack, MD. "Throughout the summer, the AMA reached out to physicians in tele-town hall meetings to set the record straight on the benefits of health-system reform, and this video answers the frequently asked questions."

AMA board members — physicians elected by their peers — answered questions to help broaden physicians' understanding of the evolving health-reform issues in a format that would not add a burden to the many demands on physicians' time.

Many physicians expressed concern about Medicare cuts that threaten seniors' access to care, and AMA board members explain that repeal of the flawed Medicare physician payment formula is included in the House bill and must be a part of health reform. The AMA emphasizes its support of medical liability reforms that increase patient access and help slow health care spending, and board members note that the administration has taken an important first step to address the cost of defensive medicine by allowing states to implement alternative reforms. Other topics addressed in the video include how to strengthen the physician workforce and optimize quality of care through health reform.

"Physicians are working for a better health system for their patients," said Dr. Rohack. "The AMA is committed to communicating with America's physicians and patients and providing critical information during this historic health reform debate."

Visit the AMA's health system reform Web site to watch the new video.


For more information, contact:

Kate Cox
AMA Media Relations
(312) 464-4443