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AMA: Dedicated Physicians Care for Patients in Broken System

Need health system reform that makes the system better for patients and physicians

For immediate release:
July 23, 2009

Statement attributable to:
J. James Rohack, MD
President, American Medical Association

“As a physician, I know that physicians focus first and foremost on providing the best patient care we can within the confines of a broken health care system. Physicians are also concerned with the increasing cost of care, and need better information on which treatments work best to help patients and physicians together make better informed health care decisions. Research should guide and support clinical decision-making -- not dictate it.

“Physicians work tirelessly for their patients, and the health system should help them do this. In addition to covering the uninsured, health system reform should repeal the broken Medicare physician payment system and improve the broken medical liability system. The private insurance market must work better for patients and physicians forced to navigate a maze of bureaucracy. Huge savings can be attained by simplifying duplicative administrative requirements for payment of insurance claims. 

“The AMA is committed to health reform this year that provides high-quality, affordable care to all Americans.”