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Baucus States Need for SGR Repeal

Sept. 22, 2009

Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus clearly stated today the need for permanent repeal of the broken Medicare physician payment formula, which in its current form projects steep payment cuts that will hurt seniors’ access to care.  Here are his own words, from today’s opening statement at the committee mark-up of the Senate Finance health reform legislation.

“On one point, I want to acknowledge up front that we did not do as much to correct the payment of doctors under the incredibly misnamed ‘Sustainable Growth Rate.’  The SGR needs to be fixed permanently.  I look forward to going further as the bill progresses through the process.”

The AMA is actively engaged in the health reform debate, and we are working with members of Congress in both the House and Senate to ensure permanent repeal of the flawed formula. Seniors’ deserve stability and security in Medicare so they can be assured access to physician care.