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AMA Commends Bipartisan Effort to Reform Health System

For immediate release
June 18, 2009

Statement attributable to:
J. James Rohack, MD
President, AMA

“The AMA commends former Senators Baker, Daschle and Dole for their leadership on health system reform.  We have a historic opportunity this year to provide all Americans with affordable, high-quality health coverage.  The AMA is committed to covering the uninsured and improving the health system so that it works better for patients and physicians.

“To help physicians optimize patient care, new innovative payment approaches that focus on care coordination and disease management are needed. The former senators recognize that permanent Medicare payment reform must be part of health reform, saying in their proposal that ‘the SGR as implemented today impedes efforts to reform Medicare reimbursement to provide incentives for high-quality, high-value care.’ 

“Other key elements of reform highlighted in the proposal include promoting greater adoption of health IT, quality measurement and medical liability reform.  The AMA is actively engaged and will work with Congress and the administration to achieve meaningful health reform this year.”


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