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AMA News Room

March 14, 2014

Time to Move Forward

For immediate release:
March 14, 2014

Statement attributed to:
Ardis Dee Hoven, M.D.
President, American Medical Association

“Just last month, both parties worked in a bicameral process to develop good-faith consensus and were historically close to repealing the dysfunctional payment system and improving healthcare for America’s senior citizens. It would be a shame for lawmakers to have done all of that hard work only to have it overcome by partisan politics over budgetary issues.

“While the House has not been able to bridge this partisan divide to date, it is time to move forward. We thank all members who spoke on the floor in support of a return to bipartisan negotiations and encourage the United States Senate to proceed in a timely and bipartisan manner to advance legislation in that body. 

“AMA will continue to work with Congressional leaders to get us to the finish line in enacting a solution based on a framework that both chambers and the President can accept. Continuing the cycle of kicking the can down the road through temporary patches in the months ahead simply wastes more taxpayer money to preserve a bad policy of Congress’ own making.”



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