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AMA News Room

Jan. 10, 2013

AMA Applauds Creation of New Medicare ACOs

For immediate release:
Jan. 10, 2013

Pleased many Medicare ACOs are physician-led

Statement attributable to:
Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD
President, American Medical Association

“The AMA is pleased that CMS has announced the creations of 106 new Medicare accountable care organizations (ACOs), many of which will be physician-led. These new ACOs are an example of how Medicare can improve patient outcomes and achieve cost savings through innovative care delivery models.

“Fifteen of the new groups will participate in the advanced payment model, an option the AMA strongly advocated for. The advanced payment model, which was created as a direct result of the AMA’s recommendation to CMS, allows physician practices to receive upfront financial assistance to help with the cost of starting an ACO. This is especially beneficial for small physician practices, and is an important part of allowing interested physicians in all practice sizes and settings to participate in Medicare ACOs.

“The AMA remains committed to ensuring that Medicare ACOs are physician-led and offers interested physicians resources to help them form an ACO, including a 'how-to' manual. The AMA has established an Innovators Committee, an advisory group of physicians who guide the development of AMA resources to help physicians enact innovations that improve patient care and maintain a rewarding practice environment.

“The AMA will continue to work with Congress and the administration to eliminate the broken Medicare physician payment formula and move to implement new models, such as ACOs, that can improve value for patients through better care coordination.”



Heather Lasher Todd
AMA Media Relations

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