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AMA Responds to HHS Announcement of One Year ICD-10 Delay

For immediate release:
Aug. 27, 2012

Statement attributable to:
Steven J. Stack, MD
American Medical Association Board Chair

"HHS has announced a one year delay of ICD-10 implementation – now scheduled for October 1, 2014. The AMA appreciates the administration's decision to provide a one year delay in response to AMA advocacy, but we have urged CMS to do more to reduce the regulatory burdens on physician practices so physicians can spend more time with patients. The AMA recommended that CMS delay the move to ICD-10 by a minimum of two years."

"The move toward ICD-10 comes at a time when physicians are dealing with the implementation of multiple Medicare incentive and penalty programs. Implementing ICD-10 alone requires physicians and their office staff to contend with 68,000 codes – a five-fold increase from the current 13,000 codes. Physicians are also already trying to engage in new delivery and payment models. The implementation of ICD-10 will create more challenges for physicians when our Medicare system is broken and cannot provide adequate funding to cover the cost of these additional administrative burdens."

"This is not the final action on this issue. In the rule, the administration stated its commitment to ‘engage stakeholders on a wide variety of ICD-10 implementation issues, including reduction of burden on physician practices.’ In the coming months, the AMA will work constructively with the administration to reduce the burden of ICD-10 for physicians so physicians can spend more time with their patients."



Liz Magsig
AMA Media Relations
(312) 464-7419

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