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AMA Commends Passage of FDA Safety and Innovation Act

For immediate release:
June 26, 2012

Statement attributable to:
Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD
President, American Medical Association

“The American Medical Association (AMA) commends the House and Senate for working in a bipartisan manner to develop and pass the FDA user fee bill, and appreciates that the legislation includes other provisions essential to patient access to safe and effective health care.

“National drug shortages threaten patient care and delay needed medical treatments, compromising a patient’s ability to access the drugs they need when they need them. The AMA is pleased this legislation expands FDA authority to avert or mitigate drug shortages and to incentivize the development of next generation antibiotics.

“The AMA strongly supports the provision that tasks the Secretary of Health and Human Services with identifying gaps and opportunities in existing federal initiatives to ensure the safe use of prescription drugs and combat prescription drug abuse and diversion. We also applaud the rescheduling of synthetic drugs known as bath salts as Schedule I controlled substances to eliminate their legal manufacture and sale.” 



Shannon (O’Brien) Breymaier
AMA Media Relations
(312) 464-4443

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