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AMA to the Wall Street Journal: Does Med Ed Need Radical Surgery?

Oct. 1, 2013 (published)

The Wall Street Journal
Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The American Medical Association agrees that medical education needs to be redesigned to help schools better and more efficiently teach the physicians of tomorrow, and we support flexible, individualized medical school curriculua ("Medical Education Needs Major Surgery," by Jonathan David, op-ed, Sept. 27). As part of our new strategic focus, we have launched an initiative to align medical training with the health care of the future.

Right now, students receive most of their training as individuals in hospital settings, but patients are overwhelmingly cared for in an outpatient setting by a physician-led health-care team. Today's medical schools typically provide minimal instruction about the business of medicine and the way health-care systems work, but future physicians must be well versed in these topics so they can thrive in rapidly changing settings.

The AMA's initiative to accelerate change in medical education will establish a learning consortium. We will rapidly disseminate best practices to other medical and health profession schools across the country.

Ardis D. Hoven, MD
President, American Medical Association