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AMA to NYT: Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen with Health Law

Aug. 10, 2012 (unpublished)

New York Times
Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The American Medical Association supported the health care law because it expanded health coverage to the uninsured, and we must ensure that these patients have access to the care they need (Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen with Health Law, 7/28/12).

The AMA is working to strategically reshape physician education in the United States to bridge the gap between how physicians are currently trained and the future needs of our health care system by accelerating bold innovation in medical education. We seek to transform medical training so that it is competence-driven rather than calendar-driven, fostering continuous learning and focusing on the content and skills needed to work in physician-led teams.

We are working to create an environment in which physicians thrive in sustainable practices, patients and physicians work together to improve health outcomes and payment and delivery models ensure high quality patient care and optimal value for our health care dollar.

Ardis D. Hoven, MD
President-elect, American Medical Association