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AMA to WSJ: Doctor Pay Concerns Everyone Who Needs Health Care

July 25, 2012 (published)

Wall Street Journal
Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

It's important to remember that in the end we all pay for the high cost of medical liability insurance and medical-school debt, and the American Medical Association is committed to bringing these costs down. We are working to create a health-care environment in which physicians thrive in sustainable practices, while ensuring optimal outcomes for patients and value for health-care dollars.

We are working to strategically reshape physician education in the U.S. to bridge the gap between how physicians are currently trained and the future needs of our health-care system. This will include promoting flexibility in medical-student education that is competence-driven rather than calendar-driven and that ensures that future physicians understand how health care is financed and delivered so that they are fully prepared for their leadership roles in shaping the health-care system of tomorrow.

Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD
President, American Medical Association