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Processing & Submitting Applications

Processing applications

Students can join the AMA online or by completing the paper membership application included in your recruiting kit.

If student chooses to join online:

  • Direct students to ama-assn.org/go/joinstudent to complete an online application.
  • Students will be required to choose their medical school so that all transactions will directly be linked to your chapter for chapter commission credit.
  • Recruiters will receive an email with a list of the students who joined online (an email will only be sent if a student or multiple students join that day).
  • Distribute membership incentive to students who joined for four-year membership.

If a student chooses to join by completing a paper application:

  • Make sure students complete all fields on the application.
  • Collect dues payments promptly.
  • If an applicant uses a credit card, the card number must be written clearly on the application form. Credit card payments also require a signature.
  • Distribute membership incentive to students who joined for four-year membership.
  • Store and transport applications and checks in a secure manner; record and submit them in a timely fashion.

Submitting applications

You may choose to submit applications via UPS or online.

UPS instructions:

  • Print out a blank batch transmittal cover sheet and fill it out by hand with all necessary information.
  • Group together the batch transmittal sheet printout, the corresponding check and credit card envelopes and send them all to the AMA using the AMA return envelope provided in your recruitment kit (if you are mailing joint applications, view recruiter information box at bottom of application for mailing instructions).
  • Complete the postage paid, pre-addressed UPS shipping label addressed to AMA Remittance Control with your return information (Step 9 on the return label).
  • Drop off at any UPS location.

Common oversights:

  • Use legal first and last names—not nicknames
  • Use residential addresses, not P.O. Boxes or school addresses
  • Provide phone numbers and email addresses

Online instructions:

MSSOP recruiters will perform three basic functions:

  • Add a student application into a processing form
  • Review or edit information
  • Batch and submit applications

To process and submit applications electronically, recruiters will first need to set up an AMA account online to receive a members-only username.* For complete instructions, refer to page 10 of the MSSOP Guide.

Beginning June 1, a personalized “welcome” screen will display a summary of your recruiting activity for your chapter and you can begin entering in applications. This page will indicate the number of student applications you have submitted, the number of application batches submitted and the current number of applications pending submission. (Pending applications are those applications entered into the system but not yet submitted to the AMA for processing).

If you find yourself lost at any time while using the application processing website, simply press Cancel and you will be returned to the "Welcome" screen. The website also allows you to pause at any time and resume your data entry later.

Let’s get started:

  1. Select Process paper membership application. The "Welcome" screen will confirm your name, school and current application activity.
  2. Click Add a Student. Fill out the electronic form using the information from the paper applications that you collected during your recruiting activity. (Note: If your medical school is one that requires you to forward your applications to your state or county medical society for payment, please be sure to mail all applications and checks to your state and county society. Contact the MSSOP staff to determine whether this applies to you.) If you miss a required field, you will receive a screen message in red identifying the issue.
  3. When the electronic form is complete, click Submit Form. This will take you to a "Review Student" screen, where you will check your information and make any required edits. To make a change, click Edit at the bottom of the screen and make all necessary corrections. This screen provides your only opportunity to edit information, so be sure to check the information carefully. Upon submitting each form, the system will notify you of possible duplicate applications and will ask you to verify the information.
  4. When satisfied that the information is correct, click Save Your Changes at the bottom of the screen. The student’s application information will automatically store in a "batch" that is ready for submission to the AMA. At this point, you will receive an error message if a card number and/or expiration date cannot be validated. Should this occur, check the information for accuracy. If you are unable to rectify the error, you must click Cancel, correct the information with the student and then re-enter the application information at a later time. If all information is entered and the credit card is valid, you will receive a message that the application has been successfully added to the batch. You may then continue entering applications and saving them to your current batch or elect to exit the system.
  5. To submit a batch of applications to the AMA for processing, click Submit Batch. You will see a transmittal cover sheet for this batch and a prompt to print. Take the batch transmittal sheet printout, the corresponding paper applications and corresponding checks and credit card envelopes, and send them all to the AMA in one of the postage paid, pre-addressed UPS return envelopes provided.
* Your members-only user name is not designed to support multiple users at the same time (i.e., recruiters may not log in to multiple computers at once in an attempt to support multiple processing sessions).

Need assistance?
Contact membership application processing and support at student.membership@ama-assn.org with your questions.