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AMA MVP Program—Transworld Systems

8 Keys for Optimizing Cash Flow

View our on-demand Webinar anytime! You will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view the presentation.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: sue.morris@corp.transworldsystems.com.

Transworld Systems

  • Cash flow management services: Improve your medical practice’s cash flow on unpaid
    insurance claims and overdue patient balances
  • Transworld offers the highest recovery rates in the industry
  • Affordable fixed-fee accounts receivable solutions (less than $10 per account on average)

Transworld Systems, an industry leader in delinquency and cash flow management, provides fixed fee accounts receivable solutions and collections.

Transworld Systems, provider of GreenFlagSM Accelerator, GreenFlagSM Profit Recovery and GreenFlagSM Profit Recovery Messenger has been serving the accounts receivable needs of medical practices since 1970. We assist medical professionals with better tools for increasing cash flow, accelerating payments, and recovering bad debt and past due accounts.

We serve more than 20,000 medical providers and more than 2,000 financial institutions. Transworld Systems has assisted more than 200,000 clients in resolving $6 billion in the past decade.

A few of the many benefits of using Transworld Systems:

  • Preferred pricing for physicians and their practices
  • 24/7 online account management
  • Highest recovery rates in the industry
  • Faster claims resolution
  • Reduced staff workload and increased cash flow

Visit our website at transworldsystems.com/ama.html

Mention AMA's MVP Program to receive your AMA-negotiated savings.


Take advantage of these benefits from the AMA MVP Program.

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