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AMA MVP Program—AHI Travel

AHI Travel

Group Travel/Cruises

The AMA MVP Program offers travel for physicians each year through its approved travel provider, AHI Travel. AHI Travel offers exclusive and all-inclusive travel programs in a special enviroment conducive to learning, recreation and fellowship. Contact AHI Travel directly directly at (877) 893-8444 or visit the AHI's website.

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NEW - AHI Cruises

The AMA MVP Program is pleased to introduce AHI Cruises and its team of professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to fulfill all of your unique and independent cruise dreams. With access to every major cruise line in the world, AHI Cruises is ready to serve as your trusted cruise expert. Click here for more information. Contact AHI Travel directly at (877) 893-8444 or visit the AHI's website.


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