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AMA Member Benefits for Physicians

Your AMA membership includes: How this benefits you:
The JAMA Network (with free JAMA print subscription, savings on 9 specialty journals print subscriptions) AMA members receive full access to The JAMA Network online, plus the new JAMA Network Reader—a new web app designed to work on any tablet or smartphone. The JAMA Network brings together JAMA and 9 specialty journals to offer fully integrated access to the research, reviews, and perspectives shaping the future of medicine (valued at more than $250).
Expert support through CPT® Network • Free Knowledge Base access to more than 5,000 commonly asked coding questions and answers ($250 value).
• Six complimentary coding inquiries to help you understand and properly use CPT codes and conventions.
• Plus, download free CPT® E/M Quick Reference App at the AMA iTunes store.
AMA model physician employment agreements The AMA offers members detailed Hospital and Group Model Employment Agreements to walk you through negotiating a contract(s) before entering a group or hospital setting (valued at $149 each).
AMA Physician Profiles sent free upon request As a member, obtain unlimited complimentary profiles for licensing boards for licensure application/reapplication ($39 value per profile).
New payment model resources Learn how to evaluate your options and negotiate new payment and delivery models with AMA resources, including webinars, live sessions and presentations.
Help shape AMA policy Through online forums or live meetings, members weigh in on key issues facing medicine.
nationwide network of colleagues Participate in member groups and sections including the Organized Medical Staff Section, Minority Affairs Section and Women Physicians Section.
AMA Insurance savings Save up to 40% on AMA Insurance products and financial services designed exclusively for physicians.
AMA MVP Program Member savings available in AMA's MVP Program from Mercedes-Benz, UPS®, Wells Fargo®, Henry Schein®, Reputation.com™, HP®, Hertz® and other providers.
AMPAC Political Education Programs AMA members are eligible to apply for and attend AMPAC’s Campaign School and Candidate Workshop with their registration and accommodation expenses covered by AMPAC (AMA’s Political Action Committee). These programs have trained physicians to be effective advocates for almost 30 years; graduates have been elected to public offices across the country, including the U.S. Congress (Valued at more than $1,000).
AMA Store savings Save up to 25% at the AMA Store on the books you need (many available in e-book format).


Maximize the benefits of AMA membership. Join or renew today.