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Improving Medical Education

The AMA has a long history of leadership in medical education. In recent years, the AMA has undertaken a variety of initiatives to investigate and improve undergraduate medical education.

  • Accelerating Change in Medical Education
    Accelerating Change in Medical Education is a key strategic focus area of the AMA. The initiative aspires to achieve a better match between the educational outcomes of medical students and the needs of patients in an evolving health care system. As part of this initiative, the AMA will launch a Request for Proposal in early 2013 that will provide grants for innovations that support new, flexible and outcomes-based education.
  • The Learning Environment Study
    The Learning Environment Study (LES) stems from the AMA's Innovative Strategies for Transforming the Education of Physicians (ISTEP) group, which was launched in 2006.  ISTEP, a unique medical education research collaborative, brought together individuals and institutions from across the continuum of physician learning.  In 2010, this group developed the Learning Environment Study, a longitudinal prospective study of the learning environment in medical schools from across the US and Canada. This study, which now comprises 28 medical schools and 4,000 students, seeks to gauge the relationship and interaction between the educational climate of these medical schools and the development of professional attributes among students as they become physicians.
  • Other initiatives
    The AMA partnered with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to host an invitational conference in September, "New Horizons in Medical Education: A Second Century of Achievement," as well as an online forum to encourage dialogue on the key issues in medical education and help chart the new directions for medical education for the next 10 years and beyond.